Committee members

President: Michael Girdler 0400 047 865 or

Vice President (Senior Teams): Jess Callaway 0417 513 507

Vice President (Junior Teams): Stewart Peterson 0413 593 503

Secretary(s): Amy Phillipou and Narelle Charlton -

Technical Director: Jason Czorny 0408 749 659 -

WHFC Grassroots: Colin Roberts -

Register (Junior Teams): Keith Upton 0413 591 504

Girls Co-Ordinator: Chris McLaren 0408 290 876  

Boys Co-Ordinator: John Lettieri 0490 952 243 -

Social Media Co-Ordinator: Jesse Krstevski -

If you are interested in becoming a committee member of WHFC please contact us using the mail address. We are a volunteer based organisation and can use as much help as possible. We have many exciting initiatives that we can’t get off the ground simply because we don’t have enough boots on the ground.